TeePee%20small%20Archives%20Page.jpgThe Diocese of Saskatchewan has an excellent archive run by five experienced volunteers. The Diocese of Saskatchewan was one of the most stable and vigorous institutions operating in Northern Saskatchewan in the mid-Victorian period, and we have extensive records dating from that time until present, among them the correspondence of the bishops; the early records of the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad; missionary records and photographs; records of the Van Girls & Sunday School by post; Synod, Committee & Deanery records; and some rare and unusual artifacts. Most baptismal, confirmation and wedding records from the 1850s forward are now recorded on computer and can be searched. Funeral records will be entered in the near future.

Enquiries to the Archives

We work hard at being as helpful to the community as we can but please keep in mind that ours is a voluntary project. To restrict its work to serious enquiries, the Archives does not respond to email but to phone calls, faxes and 'snail mail'. Our phone number is (306) 763-2455. Our fax number is (306) 764-5172. Our postal address is 1308 Fifth Avenue East, Prince Albert, SK S6V 2H7.

Requests for research

Requests for research are to be sent to the Diocesan Archives, and signed by the applicant. If the search is for personal information (e.g. baptism) of a living person other than the applicant, that person’s signed permission must be included. If that is not possible, the request must be approved by the Bishop.

The request form (in Microsoft Word format) can be downloaded by clicking here, but must be mailed to the Archives. A facsimile or e-mail copy may be sent to initiate the search, but no information will be released until the original signed form is received by the Archives.  Also, a copy of the form may be requested by mail or phone.

Please complete the form and mail it to the Diocese of Saskatchewan Archives, with the appropriate search fee. Include as much information as you already have to aid in the search, such as dates, places, nicknames, alternate spellings.

Please fill out a separate form for each request.

How to Access to Diocesan Archival Information

Access to information in the Archives does not constitute permission to publish. Permission to quote unpublished material or to reproduce any material must be obtained in writing from the Diocesan office. In some cases a release must be obtained from the subject(s) of the research. It is the responsibility of the researcher to be aware of provincial and federal laws governing copyright and privacy.

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Our Diocesan History

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Our Historical Photos

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