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Why have a Back to Church Sunday?

An interview with the Very Rev’d Kenneth Davis, Dean, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Prince Albert

By Catherine Harnish, Associate Editor for Diocese of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Anglican

Back to Church Sunday

Catherine Harnish:    Why is it necessary to have a Back to Church Sunday?

Dean Davis:   The Bishop and our leaders in our Diocese feel anything that helps our members reach out, in order to bring our friends to church, is a blessing and a positive thing. This method has met with great success in other parts of the church.

C. H.:     Is this seen as proselytizing or evangelism?

D.D.:      This is the first step in evangelism. Since we believe in the Good News of Jesus Christ and we celebrate the Good news every Sunday, inviting people to church on Sunday gives us an opportunity to share the Gospel, to share who we are and what we believe with others.  As Anglicans, we need help to do this.

C.H.:     Do you think Anglicans are reluctant to invite people to church and if so, why do you think this is?

D.D.     Yes!  In fact, we [Anglicans] are among the poorest evangelists among the dominations. We assume everyone goes to church and will simply show up.  That’s why we built so many local church buildings. We have a baseball-like fantasy, build it and they will come, and so we put churches in every neighbourhood.

C.H.:  Could you describe the connection between Back to Church Sunday in September and the event we are hosting on June 3rd and 4th?

D.D.:  Yes, the actual day on which we hope all members of our congregations will be inviting friends and neighbours to “church” is September 25.   We are blessed to have the man who spearheaded this movement in the UK (and now the world) with us in Prince Albert on June 3rd and 4th.   Michael Harvey is a dynamic speaker and passionate advocate of inviting others to worship.  On June 3rd he will make a presentation to Christians from many churches in Saskatchewan and on June 4th he will follow this up with a workshop specifically designed for Anglican clergy and lay leaders.   We hope about 100 Anglicans will join us for both events.

Don't miss the FREE event with Michael Harvey, this Friday night, June 3rd, from 6:30-8:30, at the Carlton Comprehensive High School Lecture Theatre, Prince Albert. For more info, please call the Synod Office at 763-2455.

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