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Parish of Leask/Shellbrook Picnic

A good, old-fashioned Church Picnic was held at Honeywood Lilies in Parkside with the newly amalgamated parish of Leask/Shellbrook. 

The Parish of Leask, which included Canwood and Mont Nebo, joined with the parish of Shellbrook which included Briarlea and Sturgeon Valley in September 2009.  

The Parishes were without a priest until the following year when Stephen Harnish and his family moved to the Diocese of Saskatchewan.  Since his arrival the parish was honoured to host Stephen’s Ordination to the Priesthood on March 18, 2011 in St. Andrew’s Church in Shellbrook. 

Special services are held in most of the different points with people from the other points attending.  The amalgamation of the two parishes was well received and Fr. Harnish’s vision of one big family is doing well.

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