Barb Wirsta
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 My dear sisters and brothers,  

You have been extraordinarily generous in your support of me these past fourteen months and I thank God for your prayers, kindness, and patience.  I have felt the prayers and love of the entire Diocese which have upheld me and brought me so much healing and strength.  Unfortunately, I need to take some leave for my health’s sake once again. 

I entrust you and the Diocese to God and I trust you and your leadership.   There are several challenges before us, not the least of which is the discouragement, grief, loss, confusion, and division that this pandemic has brought upon us.  There is a need for healing, for forgiveness, and for a recommitment to Jesus Christ and one another as we come out of this pandemic and I trust that you can help lead us forward in that.   

In light of the rising cases and the advice of Dr. Shahab I have cancelled our March meeting of Synod. 

No plans have been made to suspend public worship in the Diocese but such decisions have been made by our fellow Anglicans in the Province of Saskatchewan.  You will want to do all that is reasonably possible to support the health and safety of our congregations and communities.

I have suggested that during the crest of this fifth wave in person meetings, other than public worship, should be avoided and moved online.  This may well include our Annual General Meetings as well as our Executive and Finance Committee meetings.  While in person worship continues individuals need to consider their own vulnerability and personal comfort as they make their own decisions.  Congregations should consider continuing or resuming offering online worship along with the opportunity to join in person.   

Let us pray,       

Bishop Michael Hawkins