Arborfield – Church of the Good Shepherd

5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve (Bishop Hawkins)

Big River First Nation – Christ Church

7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve

Birch Hills – St. Mary’s

9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve

Christopher Lake – St. Christopher’s

7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve

Cumberland House – Church of the Good Shepherd

10:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Fort a la Corne

5:00 p.m. – St. Luke’s Christmas Eve

8:00 p.m. – St. Stephen’s – Christmas Eve

Grandmother’s Bay – St. Peter

10:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Hudson Bay – St. Patrick’s

4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve

John Smith (Muskoday)- St. James

11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve

LaRonge – All Saints

7:00 p.m. & 11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve

Leask – All Saints

7:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve (Bishop Arthurson)

Little Red Reserve

Midnight – Christmas Eve

MacDowall – St. Stephen

7:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Melfort – All Saints

7:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Montreal Lake – St. Joseph

10:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve (Bishop Adam)

Nipawin – St. John’s

7:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve (Bishop Michael)

Pelican Narrows – St. Bartholomew’s

10:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Prince Albert

St. Alban’s Cathedral

7:00 p.m. – Choral Communion – Christmas Eve

11:00 p.m. – Choral Communion – Christmas Eve

10:30 a.m.  Christmas Day H.C. (Bishop Hawkins)

St. David’s

8:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve

10:30 a.m. Christmas Day

St. George’s

9:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

10:00 a.m. – Christmas Day

Sandy Lake – St. Simeon & St. Anna

10:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

St. Louis – Emmanuel

4:30 p.m. – Carol Sing – 5:00 p.m. H.C. Christmas Eve


Shellbrook – St. Andrew’s

9:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve (Bishop Arthurson)

Stanley Mission – Holy Trinity

10:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Tisdale – St. Matthew’s

7:30 p.m. – Christmas Eve

Weyakwin – St. Michael & All Angels

7:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve





◊   The Synod started with the Eucharist and the Bishop’s Charge on Friday Evening. 

◊   A banquet was then served for all of the delegates and after the banquet the business of                                  

           Synod   began

◊    14 clergy delegates were in attendance out of a possible 23

◊    23 Lay delegates were in attendance out of a possible 56

◊    Nominations for members of various committees were received on Friday night


◊  On Saturday morning there was a Bible Study held at numbered tables where delegates

    gathered for Morning Prayer and a Bible Study.  Refreshments were available at

    each table.

◊  Throughout the Synod Canon Don Skinner and Amy Dow led the delegates in singing 


◊  Dr. Cam Harder spoke on Rural Ministry Saturday morning and told the synod that in all his  

travels and in all denominations he could  see that this Diocese  has made connections     with the Indigenous people and have really formed itself around the model of rural ministry that he is talking about. 

◊  Displays in the hall included a suicide display with funeral cards of people who committed

    suicide.  Small cards with a picture of a lit candle were available for delegates to “light a

    candle” in memory of someone they knew who had committed suicide.  There were about 20  

    candle cards put on the display

◊  Another display was of the students that the ACW and others sponsor at the Bishop

    McAllister College in Uganda. Friday’s collection of $600 went to the College.

◊  The  theme of the Synod was Disciplines of Disciples – Marks of Mission – delegates were

     asked to put down what their Parishes were doing regarding the theme.

◊  When the delegates register their picture is taken and the next day they get a picture of

     another delegate who they find and trade pictures.

◊  On Saturday evening Jeremy Boehr was ordained as a Deacon – his home parish,

    of Christopher Lake, and the Parishes of Nipawin and Arborfield put on a reception following

    the ordination.  The collection of $650 at the ordination will be sent to the PWRDF


◊  The following are the people voted to be on the various diocesan committees


 Clergy Delegates to General Synod

The Reverend Gethin Edward

The Reverend Chris Dow

 Lay Delegates to General Synod

Caron Hallen

John Rye

Youth Delegate to General Synod

Joshauna Haukenfrers


Clergy Delegates to Provincial Synod

The Very Reverend Kenneth Davis

The Reverend Richard Custer

The Reverend Patricia Martin

The Reverend Patricia Langlois

Lay Delegates to Provincial Synod

Carol Spencer

Eric Bear

Jane Parrott


Clergy to the Executive Committee

The Reverend Patricia Martin

The Reverend Wilfred Sanderson

The Reverend Chris Dow

Lay to the Executive Committee

Robert Hryniuk

Larry Brewster

Nancy Carruthers

Harry Kostiuk


Clergy to the Constitution and Canons Committee

The Reverend Patricia Langlois

The Reverend Gethin Edward

Lay to the Constitution and Canons Committee

Caron Hallen

Fred Payton

Ben Fiddler


Clergy to the Diocesan Court of Appeal

The Reverend Sam Halkett

The Reverend Morris McKenzie

Lay to the Diocesan Court of Appeal

Helen Steele

Gwenda Young

Ben Fiddler


Anyone is welcome to attend the synod and observe the proceedings

but only the elected synod delegate can vote.


FYI - November

Synod Office Hours


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00 a.m. – Noon         1:00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.

Closed Mondays and Fridays

Please leave a phone message


  mail can be dropped off in the mail box at the front door





(Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)


Wednesday, January 15 and Thursday, January 16, 2015


The Diocese is offering an ASIST Workshop to help caregivers recognize risk and learn how to intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. 

This is open to all members of the Diocese and aside from a refundable registration fee will be offered free of charge. 

There is a limit of 30 to be registered

 Please contact the Synod Office to reserve your spot.






  • Ø  Please pray for Doris Wideen-Bazley.  Her husband Ernest Roy Bazley died on Friday, October 24, 2014.  He was stepfather to



To Jeremy Boehr who was ordained to the Diaconate on Saturday,   October 18, 2014.  He will be serving the Parish of Nipawin and Arborfield.


Upcoming Events


  • Ø  October 30 – Post Synod arrangements meeting at noon
  • Ø  November 2 – Turkey Supper – Christopher Lake 4 – 6:30 pm
  • Ø  November 2 – St. Alban’s Fall Supper
  • Ø  November 15 – Workshop on Singing the Service of Morning Prayer –               St. Albans 10am – noon –

 register with Pat Langlois 306-752-5155 by Nov. 10

  • Ø  November 27 – Workshop on Protocol Training –                                        St. George’s, Prince Albert – 7:30 p.m.
  • Ø  November 29 – Cookie Walk at St. David’s 9:00 am pick up numbers

10:00 am Cookie Walk begins

  • Ø  December 4 – Executive Committee Meeting
  • Ø  December 13 – “A Country Christmas Concert and Sing-Along” at St. David’s  $15.00 for tickets call Carol 763-5204 –proceeds to the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign.






  • Ø   there are items for sale at the Synod Office (see attached poster)
  • Ø  Please see the Appendix M on Confidentiality from the Handbook of General Synod



Bishop Michael’s

November Schedule


  • Ø  November 2 – Hudson Bay
  • Ø  November 9 – Pelican Narrows
  • Ø  November 12-20 – C of N, National House of Bishops
  • Ø  November 23 – St. Albans
  • Ø  November 30 – Stanley Mission, Grandmother’s Bay
  • Ø  December 4 – Executive Committee meeting
  • Ø  December 7 – Leask Shellbrook
  • Ø  December 14 – Nipawin
  • Ø  December 21 – Ft. Pitt, Deer Creek



Bishop Adam’s

November Schedule


  • Ø  November 2 – Little Red
  • Ø  November 9 – Big River First Nation
  • Ø  November 15-20 – National House of Bishops
  • Ø  November 23 – Turtleford
  • Ø  November 30 – Hall Lake
  • Ø  December 4 – Executive Committee meeting
  • Ø  December 7 – Meadow Lake, Loon Lake
  • Ø  December 14 – Weyakwin
  • Ø  December 21 - LaRonge







Trinity XX Sermon by Bishop Michael Hawkins

I’ve been kicked out of quite a few joints! Sometimes I never even got in the door or to a seat, because I didn’t have a tie on, or a jacket, or a reservation. And while not bound hand and foot, more than once I’ve been made to leave in the middle of a meal, booted out of a fast-food joint for teenage behaviour. The days of dress codes seem all but gone. Semi-formal now means “no jeans,” not “black tie optional.” In many ways, this is liberating. We put less emphasis on dressing up for events, there is less pressure to conform to arbitrary standards, and in Church, especially, there is less stress on dress.

Click to read more ...



Indigenous Council Highlights

  • Ø  Letters will be sent to the Parishes regarding funding for the position of  Indigenous Bishop
  • Ø  The Council will be sending letters to the Chiefs asking for support for the Indigenous Bishop
  • Ø  An invitation to meet with the Council will be sent to SIGA and NLCDC


  • Ø   Gilbert Flett of Shoal Lake brother to the Rev. Rita Nawakayas died on July 12th after a long illness.
  • Ø  Allen Bear husband of Josephine Halkett-Bear (a member of the Order of Saskatchewan) died on July 19.
  • Ø  Even though some time has passed your prayers would still be appreciated.


  • Ø   Mr. Jeremy Boehr has been appointed as a full time stipendiary student in the Parish of Nipawin and Arborfield effective September 15, 2014.  Jeremy and his wife Jane will be living in the Rectory in Nipawin.
  • Ø  Pastor Brock Shaver, United Minister, will be serving the Partners in Faith congregation in Spiritwood.
  • Ø  Amy Dow has been appointed as a Catechist in the Diocese of Saskatchewan.  Kathryn Hawkins is also a Catechist in the Diocese.

Please Note

  • Ø   We still need an ACW to cater coffee breaks for the afternoon on Friday and Saturday for the Diocesan Synod.    Please let the Synod Office know if you are interested.  We will pay $200 for each break.
  • Ø  Library Books – Forest Prairie Edge  (Place History in Saskatchewan) author Merle Massie,  is a new acquisition in the resource centre  you can borrow.


  • Ø   

Resources for the Cree translations of the Doxology and Amazing Grace

These recordings will help those trying to pronounce the Cree translations of the Doxology (tr. Archdeacon John Mackay) and Amazing Grace (tr. the Reverend James Settee).  Thanks to Deacon Sam Halkett for his voice. 


The Doxology

Amazing Grace 




Bishop John Inge on Assisted Dying.

My wife knew she was dying – but she chose life   Read the article




Assisted Dying Bill – Archbishop of York speaks against

The Archbishop of York, Most Rev John Sentamu, spoke on 18th July 2014 in the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill in the House of Lords.  Read Article




Order of Saskatchewan New Members


Order of Saskatchewan Biographies

Clifford Ahenakew 

Clifford is what people call a cradle Anglican.  His mother was a devoted Anglican Church member who would start out on a ten mile trek to the church every Sunday.  If she got a ride on her way, good, if not she kept going till she got there.  This dedication was passed on to Clifford who as a young man attended the Anglican Church.  He was Minister’s Warden for Archdeacon Andrew Ahenakew and also for Gordon Ahenakew.  He has been a vestry member of St. Mark’s, Hines Mission Church and St. Simeon & St. Anna for over 50 years.  Even now at the age of 79 Clifford is there doing any necessary repairs to the church, shoveling the snow before a church service, attending at Communion and Wake services, an active member in the church choir and he rings the bell every Sunday.   He is also a member of the Elder’s Council for the Indigenous Bishop of Missinipi.

Cifford and his wife Leona were married in 1960 and have eight children, 24 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren.  In 1963 he started driving the school bus while farming.  He retired from the driving in 1999 but still continues to farm.  He seldom has any hired hands which earns him the respect of the younger farmers in the community.  He now has 62 head of cattle, 900 acres of pasture and he farms 200 acres of crop land with help from his sons.

 His daughter tells of getting a tap on the head if they were not listening in church.  Their dad is a firm believer in education and sent them off reserve to the school in Canwood.  The principal and guidance counsellors were guests at their house for tea many times.   After church on Sundays the kids would watch their uncles and Dad play soccer at the sport grounds. 

 In Romans, St. Paul wrote that faith required a visible witness.  Clifford has been a faithful Anglican witness all his life.

 Betty Burningham

Betty was born Betty Barlow on February 4, 1935 in Vermillion Alberta.  In 1957 she married Ken Burningham, who was then a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She also obtained her R.N. at Alberta Nursing School that same year.  Betty and Ken had three children and five grandchildren.  With her husband and three children Betty supported Anglican Churches in Winnipeg, Brandon, Chilliwack and Halifax serving as Sunday School teacher, ACW member and youth advocate. 

In 1967 Ken answered a call to the ministry spending three years at Emmanuel and St. Chad College.  He was then assigned to the Arborfield Parish, encompassing Cumberland House to Hudson Bay to James Smith Reserve.

Betty had her own ideas of the duties of a “minister’s wife”.  She served on existing groups like the Altar Guild, ACW, VBS and Sunday school BUT she also helped with or re-organized services at the Melfort Deanery ACW Ladies Retreat, Arbo-Teen Annual Conference, Caring Evangelism, Stephen Ministries and Ascension Bible study.  She presently leads a monthly bible study at the Arborfield Special Care Home.  Betty and Ken attended summer camps with their children and grandchildren where she served as nurse and camp cook.  Ken died in 2001.

In Ephesians Paul reminds us all of the importance of good deeds and Christian service.  It is Betty’s humble faith that services us now.   She welcomes, she sings, she prays, she serves, she inspires.  Her lifelong service is only exceeded by her Christian faith and example.

Norman Cay

Norman was born on August 20, 1941 and attended school in Crompton, just south of Kinistino.  He attended the University of Saskatchewan School of Agriculture and graduated in 1963 the same year he married Marilyn.  They have two children and four grandchildren.  Karen and her 8 year old son Liam and Rob and Tracy and their children Rachel 19, Jack 15 and Sarah 11 years old.  Norm’s life time occupation has been farming.  At one time they farmed eight quarters of land.   They had a variety of different farming operations such as hogs, potatoes, and pedigreed seed.  Norm’s son Rob has now taken over the operation of the farm with his Dad at his side. He served as president of Tisdale Aviation in the 1980’s and 90’ and was involved in Civil Aviation Search and Rescue as commander for the northern area. 

Norman became a lay reader in St. Matthew’s Tisdale in 2000.  Even as a teenager he would help take services in Kinistino when the priest was away or the parish was without a priest.  Norman has been a vestry member and Minister’s Warden since coming to Tisdale in 1963.

Norman is someone who is always available for whatever needs to be done. His humility and genuine concern for the church and its people has earned him the respect and gratitude of the congregation.

Violet Goodfellow

Violet was born in Northern Ontario.  After completing high school she attended  teacher’s college .  She taught  at Satawe, (near Thunder Bay) Madson School, at Sault Ste Marie.and in Rainbow Lake, Alberta.  As education requirements for teaching intensified Violet went on to qualify with first, a one year certificate and then a university degree in teaching.  Her teaching career was very important to her as can be seen in her love of children and her understanding of the troubles encountered by many in our communities. 

Violet is very interested in the needs of others and is quick to point out injustices in social situations.  She is an active volunteer and family helper for many shut-ins, and elderly neighbours.  For 30 years Violet has been active in the diocese and church.  She has been President of the Diocesan ACW a few times, and is our representative for the Primates World Relief Development Fund.  She was a faithful member of St. John’s Glaslyn, until it closed and now belongs to St. John’s Livelong, part of the Turtle River Parish.  She has been a synod delegate at many Diocesan Synods and has also attended Provincial and National Synods.

Violet has two sons and two beautiful young grandchildren.  Violet’s concern for the needs of others and her faith in her God is a Christian example to all who know her.


Don Code

Don has been the Diocesan Treasurer for the past 18 years, which means he would have to attend all Executive and Finance Committee meetings an average of eight per year, at least, plus every Synod held over the last 18 years.  He worked with Bishop Tony through the challenges of the Residential Schools settlements and continues to serve with Bishop Michael in these fiscally challenging times. His duties are always carried out with decorum, expertise and kindness to all he has worked with.

Don grew up on a family farm outside of Adanac.  He was baptized at St. Thomas Church in Adanac and confirmed at St. John’s Cathedral in Saskatoon.  He married Colleen Samson at St. Mary’s Church in Birch Hills.  Don and Colleen have lived in Prince Albert since 1984 and attend St. David’s Church.  They have two children, Jillian and Paget who both have completed their masters’ degrees and are pursuing their chosen careers.

Since his involvement at St. David’s he has filled many official roles and responsibilities.  He has served on Vestry, functioned as treasurer (2000-2004) and been elected as Warden, a position he is now serving.  Don is always willing to do some of the unappealing tasks such as moving tables and chairs, setting up or taking down for various events, helping with yard sales and beef suppers.  Don is also involved in many community activities such as Director on the P.A. Regional Health Board, to coaching and refereeing sports events.  He should have more time for his favourite sports of curling and golfing after he retires this year from his position of Branch Manager for the P.A. (Conexus) Credit Union

Harry Kostuik

For 54 years Harry has been a member of St. George’s Church in Loon Lake.  Originally from Radisson, Sask. he moved to Loon Lake in 1956.  In 1960 he married Judy Morton.  They had three children.  Judy was the treasurer for St. George’s until her death a few years ago.  Harry continues in the position of Minister’s warden among other duties such as upkeep of the church, grass cutting, snow removal, minor repairs, turning on the heat for services and according to his nominators etc. etc. etc.  you get the picture!  They   quote “do not know how the church would carry on without him”.

Harry has been a regular synod delegate at the Diocesan Synod in Prince Albert.   He is always willing to sit on a committee, help organize a 50th anniversary celebration, or to welcome parishioners to his home for various meetings and bible studies. Harry spends much of his time serving others, offering help and drives to neighbours and elders.

In his spare time he works for Marshalls Funeral Home, acts as coroner and Justice of the Peace and is on numerous boards.   Harry is a dedicated and selfless man who contributions are motivated by his strong Christian faith. 

Ralph Duncan

Ralph grew up in the area between St. Louis and MacDowall.  He went to school in MacDowall.  He married Donna May Campbell in 1973.  They had two children.  In earlier years Ralph attended St. Stephen’s Church in MacDowall.  He was always a part of the church in Macdowall volunteering and doing his part around the church. 

Ralph’s daughter was influenced by her father’s example of living a Christian life and has devoted her life to working with school children around the world.  She worked with families in the Dominican Republic.  Sadly Ralph and Donna lost their son suddenly in an accident.  After this they moved to St. Louis and became a part of the Emmanuel Church.  In St. Louis Ralph has been a lay reader and people’s warden for eleven years.  Family and community play a large role in his life.  He plays violin for the seniors and other groups in the area and helps with his daughter’s youth group.  He and his wife play with the Prayer and Praise group led by Archdeacon Hoskin and his wife Mary  Lou.

The congregation feels their parish would not be the same without the prayerful dedication and commitment exhibited by Ralph. 

Fred Payton

Fred was born in 1952 in Prince Albert and has lived his whole life as an active member of St. Alban the Martyr Cathedral.  In his teenage years Fred sang in the choir, served at the Altar and was the assistant Sunday School Superintendent.  In his adult life while serving on the corporation, teaching Sunday School and working, he found to time to volunteer with the Prince Albert Arts Council, the Share a Meal Food Bank, the Northern Hockey Development Association and the Prince Albert Kinsmen Minor Football Association. 

Fred and Marlene were married in 1975 and have two daughters Laura and Diana.  Fred worked in Corrections until he retired but still does follow up of those who have left incarceration which is an example of his conscientious commitment to improving the lives of people in all walks of life.  In retirement he has continued as a volunteer with the P. A. Housing Authority Board of Directors, the P.A. Parkland Health Region, the SPCA and the Prince Albert Historical society.

He has been a lay reader at St. Alban’s for many years, does monthly leadership at the Candle Lake Community Church, helps out at Carment Court and wherever else he has been needed in the diocese.  He serves on the St. Mary’s Cemetry Advisory Committee and is a member of the Diocesan Constitution and Canons Committee.  He has attended many Diocesan Synods and also Provincial and General Synods.

Fred’s commitment to conserving the best of our past and respecting those who have gone before us and his willingness to actively engage new ideas that promote growth and ensure the well-being of others make him a great churchman and vital member of his community.

Carol Pryznk

Carol’s nomination comes from the congregation at St. Mary’s Church in Birch Hills and Holy Trinity, Brancepeth where she has served as a lay reader for 27 years.  She has been instrumental in maintaining the building and congregation in Brancepeth ensuring that services continue there in the summer months.  She leads the Holy Trinity, Brancepeth ACW and is largely responsible for the fact that they are still active in service and in prayer for the ministry and mission of the church.  Carol served two terms as the Diocesan ACW president and still continues to be involved on the Diocesan level. 

Carol was born in 1942  in Birch Hills.  She took her schooling to become an RN and worked in Winnipeg and Brandon nursing.  There she met Ian Pryznk and they were married on  June 12, 1965.  They had three children, Shawn, Boyd and Moniqua and they provided Carol and Ian with   six grandsons, one of whom graduates this year.  When they returned to Birch Hills Carol worked at the hospital and then took over the Administration duties of the nursing home in Birch Hills and Kinistino until she retired.  Ian farmed and worked for BP Water delivery.

Carol has been (and continues to be) very active in the Birch Hills and Brancepeth communities where she is a highly respected leader sitting on many boards and organizations such as the  Co-Op, Birch Hills Housing Authority, Brancepeth Community Hall and Birch Hills Curling Rink, and Birch Hills Legion.  Carol is an excellent ambassador for the Anglican Church and witness to Jesus Christ.

Henry Roberts

Henry was born in La Ronge on April 22, 1941.  He married Jessie McKenzie in August of 1959 and they had three girls and one boy.  Jessie passed away in 2007.  Henry is blessed with 10 grandchildren.  He received his education at the Residential School in Prince Albert.  For him his positive experiences at the school, such as his athletic achievements in track and field and his membership in the Air Cadets, outweigh the negative.

Henry worked at many different jobs throughout his life as Manager of Co ops, fur buyer, butcher, radio operator for DNR and post office worker.  At present Henry is a member of the Police Management Board and also a vestry member for All Saints Church.  He attends all the wakes and is at church every Sunday helping with the services.  He is an entertaining guy who tells students stories of the old days when your mode of travel was dog teams and canoes.  He knows a lot of native games and ways of preparing medicine from nature.  Henry has a few pet peeves such as the catch and release of fish, pollution caused by snow machines and outboard motors etc.    He is also very concerned about the decline of migratory birds like ducks, geese and other waterfowl and smaller birds.

Henry is now retired and living in LaRonge and is continually volunteering and attending church. He serves as an Elder in the Lc La Ronge Indian Band. Henry is a supportive and faithful role model for the citizens of the LaRonge community.

Gladys Warren

 Gladys was born and raised on a farm near Coronation, Alberta.  When she finished school she went to live with her sister in Victoria B.C. She took training there and was employed as a stenographer.  While there she met and married Vernon Warren, who was stationed there with the Air Force.  In 1946 they moved to the Warren farm near Nipawin.  They had three girls: Iris, Linda and Debbie.

Over the span of sixty years Gladys has  been involved with St. John’s in Nipawin by serving on the Vestry, ACW, Altar Guild and  St. John’s Choir.  In her earlier years she was leader of the Junior Girl’s auxiliary leading them in nature study and working towards badges of excellence.  She served on the Executive Committee for eight years as Junior Secretary of the Diocese.  She is also involved with helping at Camp Okema through fund raising and various other activities.

Gladys is one of the main church members to visit shut-ins and works tirelessly promoting good will and inclusion of all Anglicans in the church.  Gladys has supplied altar flowers every Sunday for over thirty years.  After each Sunday service she would take the flowers to the sick and shut-ins.  Gladys is an “encourager” in our church and parish.  She gives support and encouragement to our ministers and their families and to everyone who attends the church.