Barb Wirsta
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 Update on the Synod Office

Dear Friends I am most grateful to all the volunteers and employees for the extraordinary goodwill and hard work of the past six weeks as we prepare to move the Synod Office.  The movers come on January 15th and it will take three days to finish packing and to move.  The possession date for the purchaser is February 1st and they have been cordial and generous as we iron out some final details.  The last service at the Synod Office Chapel will be on Tuesday the 14th at 9 a.m.  For at least a week we will be in transition (and chaos) and I ask for your patience over that period.   Amazing work has been done at the Cathedral to make room for our offices and while no final decision has been made, the Synod Office and Archives will be temporarily located in the basement of the hall.  The EXPO Committee continues its hard work and I have asked AODBT for an updated version of an accessibility plan for the Cathedral.  I expect that we will receive that in the next week and then EXPO will review that report and draw up (a) recommendation(s) for the Executive and Cathedral Corporation/Congregation.  We are all committed to accessibility but there is some real difference of opinion on what are reasonable costs and  the use of ramps or elevators.  I look forward to sharing a report from EXPO with the Executive with some recommendations before the end of February.   I thank God for this exciting opportunity. +Michael