Chris Dow
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The bilingual Cree-English doxology is beloved of feature of worship here in the Diocese of Saskatchewan and perhaps the best expression of our mission to be ᒫᒪᐃᐧ mâmawi / Together in the Gospel.

ᑌᓂᑭ têniki Solomon Ratt for editorial assistance with the S.R.O. and translation.

According to Solomon, a fuller and more grammatically correct wording of the Doxology in Cree would be as follows: mamihcimihk wiya ohtâwihk / mîna Jesus wiya okosisihk / mîna kâ-kanâtisit ahcâhk / mâmawi pêyak manitow. In order to make the words fit the 8-8-8-8 meter of the hymn, McKay likely contracted wiya as wê in the first and second lines and omitted kâ in the third line. I have kept McKay's original wording in the video.

As is typical of McKay's hymnography, his version of the Doxology is not a direct translation of the original 1674 English composition of Thomas Ken. McKay's Doxology is a simple, yet powerful expression of praise to three persons of the one true God. In the words of the Collect for Trinity Sunday, these words enable us to 'acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the power of the Divine Majesty to worship the Unity.'