Diocese of Saskatchewan 2023 Cycle of Prayer

New this year, the bible readings are in a separate document from the cycle of prayer. The bible readings will not change year-to-year while the cycle of prayer will continue to be updated each year.


Please pray weekly for Michael and Adam our Bishops.

At Prayer Book Holy Communion (page 75) only “Michael and Adam our Bishops” should be mentioned within the Prayer of Intercession. 

Biddings at Holy Communion, Morning and Evening Prayer as well as BAS Litanies may include the following as well as the weekly Cycle of Prayer. 

Prayers and Biddings should not include formal titles or surnames.   

Please also pray regularly for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Linda, our Primate, Greg our  Metropolitan and Mark, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop as well as Sid, Bishop of the Saskatchewan Synod (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) Stephen, The Roman Catholic Bishop of Prince Albert, Helen, Bishop of Qu'Appelle and Chris, Bishop of Saskatoon.  

The Sunday Propers provided here include the Collect, Epistle and Gospel (as well as an optional Old Testament Reading) to be used at  Holy Communion. 

Psalms for use between the readings may be found in the tables starting on BCP, page L. provided here.  If a Psalm is used between readings it should not conclude with the 'Glory be to the Father…' nor a Psalm Prayer.  The Psalm may include alleluias (twice after the second last verse and once after the last verse) except in Pre-Lent & Lent or may be read with an appropriate verse selected as a repeated refrain.  At Communion smaller Psalm selections should be printed in the bulletin. These readings may also be used at Morning and Evening Prayer or the prescribed Sunday Psalms (BCP p. Lff.) and (Lessons B.C.P. p. XVI ff ), also provided here, should be used.